About This Site

About Me

  • Popular Jewish folksinger, concert and recording artist, composer, 1962 – 1995 (now retired)
  • (Well known) Cantor of the famous Lincoln Square Synagogue of New York City since 1965
  • Faculty, the Belz School of Jewish Music, Yeshiva University, New York City since 1987
  • Sang at every Soviet Jewry demonstration in New York from 1964 – 1991
  • Sang at all National Conventions of NCSY from 1962 – 1991
  • Music Director of YU Youth Seminars 1963 – 1969
  • Popularized the Niggunim of the Bostoner Rebbe since 1962
  • Dedicated to enhancing the synagogue experience of every Jew from 1962 to Forever

Welcome to my web-site! I would like to share with you my popular Jewish Music recordings, my Synagogue Music recordings, my published articles, blog, and my sincere desire to make the prayer of the synagogue meaningful to every Jew in the world.

On this web-site you will read my published opinions on the state of synagogue music today, what I believe must be vigorously retained, and where I suggest that changes can be made through appropriate congregational singing melodies.

Here you will read how I became enamored with synagogue music as a child, and how I became a successful Hebrew folksinger, concert and recording artist beginning in my college years. And then, how by a quirk of fate, I became the first and only Chazzan of what was to become one of the largest and most famous Orthodox synagogues in the world.

You will meet my family and my synagogue, Lincoln Square Synagogue, and you will become part of our extended family through your emails to me and when you bring my music and my articles into your home.

Welcome! And enjoy my web-site!

Sherwood שמעון Goffin